4 Nairobi con men & their tricks to be aware of

David Kiige

I am here to educate and caution people of some smart thugs in Nairobi and ask for help Today its me, tomorrow its you. These 4 Nairobi con men find themselves untouchables. They are even arrogant and confident that I can not take them anywhere after conning me 1.2M shillings. They even go as far as boosting of working with the cops, CID and that they have a judiciary guy who makes lives easier for them. Well they are wrong! I will expose them for who they are through phone call recordings and their faces. How does one get conned? Am pretty sure many now are saying am stupid and greedy to make a quick buck like every kenyan does and hence am here now. Hush!! Well let me educate you, the con game is evolving. Your worst enemy is your closest friend. I happen to be a self made guy, who came to Nairobi started from scratch, believed in myself and now i have a decent job. Am a relentless and persistent guy who gets what he wants in life. So this is what happened? I have a very close friend by the name David Kiige Ndungu aka Dave of 0722647462 / 0723626403 who we used to stay in Mirema with. The dude has literally seen me grow from rags to riches. He is that kid of friend you would do anything for him when he needs help. We used to borrow cash from one another for business or when one is short of cash one would step in and help close finish one’s business. I can confirm that he was a nice guy and nothing was a miss for 4 years. So David comes to me sometime last year in April and tells me he is doing some supplies business and he is short of 200K. As the good friend I bail him out and give him the cash kama kawaida bila paper work, coz i know him, i know his place his folks nothing bad would happen. David comes the following day and tells me the supplier refused to pay him up until he completes his order. I ask him i thought the other times your business partner pays you even if you deliver in bits. I ask what he was suppling and he tells me Rose Oil.IMG-20140429-WA0044IMG-20140519-WA0004

Allan Kimemia
Allan Kimemia

I quickly do my due diligence as I have seen in my organization. You just don’t get into anything with a proper monitoring and evaluation of the situation. I find rose oil is the primary product that makes perfumes and its damn expensive. I continue my research and see it costs roughly $5000 per litre in bulgaria. Its a common product in the market. I ask him where do you get this product as it requires alot of roses to get just one litre? He tells me Naivasha. I google how many flower farms are in Naivasha and find they are lots of them so its a possibility they would have such a thing. I ask him what the remaining order was and he says 5 more litres. I say WHAT!!! Are you sick…how will you raise that capital? Even if i wanted to help you, I can’t. The says he will try and raise the capital pamoja with the guy they are supplying with. A week later he tells me he has talked to the flower farm and he will get 2 litres on credit and the other 3 litres they have capital for 1.5 litres I help in raising the rest. I was in the process of upgrading my wife’s car, a vitz and I had sold it. So I got that 350K for the sale and borrowed an extra 650K from my cousin and gave it to him anyway, what would go wrong. With that that amount of money exchanging hands, I definately had to be involved & when we met the “supplier’s trustie” stories started. That the mzungu is sick and out of the country for medication, mara he is in Nakuru on other businesses and never ending stories started there and then. After 3 months I decided to do my small search with peoples mobile numbers online to find friends who hide themselves on facebook with wierd names by searching them on facebook search button by their phone numbers and guess what I found? That 2 of them (Allan and the Supplier) have one mutual friend who has listed them as a sister. The 2 were Allan Kimemia Waithera (Ali Shaddik) the Ring Leader of  0720589716 and a Guy known to me as Dee (Depak Snr Markabs of 0722984767 on Facebook). Dee was the last guy to receive the money for the last deal and apparently was working in the flower farm. Kimemia was the guy getting David the market. So I decide to call Moses Ndumia of 0716987086 / 0731804781 / 0721871701 / 0722809936, the trustee wa mzungu and confront him that I have know the truth. The guy first denies conning me but when I tell him the facts, he confirms my worst fears. I plead with the guy to atleast get me back something small to repay my car loan but he refuses and indeed gives me an offer to join him in the business and con my close friends too. He goes ahead to brag the way he is connected and they have cops, CID and a contact in the judiciary who sorts them and that there is nothing I could do to him and them in general.

I beg him because am in a terrible situation now, he promises me something but never came through for the next 8months. Kimemia calls me too and tells me to join them and does the same as Moses but nothing is given to me at all. Listen to them here. So here we are. These 4 idiots think they can steal from me and not pay for it. They think they are untouchables. I will expose them for who they are until I get someone who won’t be corrupt to get into their payroll. They told me the only way to get back my money was to join them and con my friends too. I can not do it and won’t do it. Let me suffer but I will make sure no one else is hurt to the extent I got to. The other person who plays at times the role of a delivery guy once dee is not available is Chris Njiru of 0722567493 and don’t let him fool you he is family man, the kid in the photo am not sure if its his but he will show up in a hurry, deliver and say he has to finish the business ASAP, he is travelling to shagz or something. Trust me you won’t have time to think of what they are planning to do to you.chris njiru

There other con businesses include:

1. Wash wash (Cleaning of UN dollars) Hakuna kitu kama hiyo They will do a demo of the real thing, bank the money and bait you. The 2nd job always bounces, stories and endless stories start, here they work with rogue CID friends, They lock you up for a few days and before you get out there is more money involved. Trust me I know it all well.
2. Selling of Venom. Usually they will tell you the venom is gotten from ICIPE through a back door and there is a Mzungu who buys it in large quantities and is buying at a good rate. (what you don’t know is he is paid 40K for that and making the business sound legit, his job is to make an appearance and to convince you.)
3. Selling of liquid fertilizer. (Here guys are told the liquid fertilizer has good yields and they take their time to Brand the 20 Liters jerrycans nicely and populate fake statistics in good printed books with randy pictures from the internet.)
4. Selling of rose oil in Naivasha. (This is the 2nd high stakes job. Rose oil for those who don’t know what it is read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_oil We don’t produce Rose oil in Kenya, Its exported and its damn expensive. Normally they package and brand nicely some clear bottles pics attached with cooking oil slightly diluted with water. They know a few terms to use and how its stored, According to the con artists, its only gotten in Naivasha and must be transported at a certain temperature so either the stories start as we needed more quantities, the buyer is sick/out of the country or they got spoilt while transporting.)
5. Selling of Mombasa cars that haven’t been paid for duty. (Here they prey on people who need cars like ASAP. They tell you they have a person who can’t get you a car from someone who imported and is not able to pay the Kenyan Govt the duty hence the car is still in storage. Of course they get images of cars from internet according to your choice and send you. once your locked in, BAM!!!!! The phone goes off the hide and seek game starts.)
6. Selling of Anti virus copies in large numbers to foreign countries as Congo, Lumbumbashi e.t.c.
7. Selling of Gold (This is a Naivasha game too and Sometimes Mombasa)
8.They also prey on Older women who are in need of love.(No need of going into details.)
How they will get you into this business:-
Either by taking you to see how the business is done as it happened to me or through a asking of small loan and once they don’t repay it they introduce you to the con business and milk you even more.

How to spot a Con Man.

1. If the business is a deal and the commodity in question is from a back door, RUN!!!! as fast as you can.

2. If they lie with ease when you are around. You are together and you overhear them lie they are sick, they are in another town e.t.c

3. They will always be dealing with “cash”. If you propose a bankers cheque or a bank transfer or signing of a contract they always find a way out of it.

4. Most often the person who will introduce you to a “business deal” is someone close to you, someone you trust and in most cases they know each other (the buyer, seller & middleman). When the deal goes south, s/he will always play a victim with you. He will always talk as if he did not know that would happen, you feel sorry for each other as you try to figure out what to do next. Mind you, when you two victims discuss on what to do next, he informs the others and at any one juncture, they will always be one step ahead of you. Beware of the so called close friends.

5. The first time they introduce you to a “business deal”, they take you as a friend to observe and its in human nature to have the greed. When you see money (envelopes within envelopes that are in a bigger A5 disguised as cash) exchanging hands and the other side being paid in cash and they offer you something in return, just know that its bait and your greed will make you loose money.

IMG-20150325-WA0000IMG-20150325-WA0001SMS 1


91 thoughts on “4 Nairobi con men & their tricks to be aware of

  1. There are many conmen living in Naivasha. They will con you with lucrative business opportunities, and job opportunities, they come in many forms. They masquerade as Nairobi based, or Mumias based, or based in a town where they have an upperhand at getting you closed into the said business opportunity or job opportunity, then they con you. just watch out. I was almost conned in September, by someone who claimed to be a friend of my sister’s, he let me travel all the way from Nairobi to Mumias, before he asked me for a bribe, which wasn’t small money. The name is Bella on Facebook, later on I realised from the police that they had fleeced many people, including young women, and exploited them (even sexually), dumping them eventually, leaving them helpless. They could be anyone, just watch out.


  2. That Davie Kiige tried that crap on me. He came like, r u busy on Fri afternoon ? Pls I wud wish you take me to Thika to pick some oil from a guy working at delmomte. Will fuel yr car 2k.. I thot its just a one hrs thing I can help a friend. We went to Thika ad actually picked 5l of some fluid ad came back to Utalii wea a Mzungu was waiting. He picked the substance ad an envelope was given. Contents I Don knu. Ad then the guy was like, ave made 5m just like that. Do u want to do this biz too? I said no. Then after 2 days he called me ad told me he’s short of 200k to do a supplies I bill him out. Nikamwambia I don’t knu u enough to give u that kind of cash. He insulted me ad disappeared.


  3. Ladies be ware of a guy called Alfred Rahim jar. He’s from Sieraleone ad targeting ladies. He also does online hacking ad will defraud u of hundreds ad millions of money. He really knus how to handle a lady nicely before you realize yr bank account will be empty ad yr car nowhere to be seen. He uses Rahim jar on Fb. He prospects on Thika rd ad especially at BlueSprings ad kiambu rd ad kiambu town


    • Be aware of a man named Nicholas Saidimu Dere.From Narok county and Nairobi.He is from the Masaai Tribe.He solicits older women on Facebook and online dating services.He will steal your credit card and convince you to wire money to his personal account.He also extremely dangerous and physically abusive.He loves to beat up women.He claims to be single,when he is actually married with three small children.


  4. Am sorry,I also was conned by a friend in may these year,he introduved e to an organization called WOMAN and CHILDREN WELFARE ORGANIZATION.. Where I was given a tender of 1.2m…I supplied n long story short they no longer exist….let’s expose these people


  5. Beware of 2 ladies called Veronica Njeri and Ann Wandingaru.They are also con ladies.Same thing Rose oil from Naivasha and they pretend they are victims after what is called “kufunga kazi”


  6. Pple beware of a guy called michael okumu maende cons women of hard earned cash eti nikopeshe nitakurudishia then hide & seek games ako fb kama mike maende true caller robert mutiso 0727972386


  7. micheal okumu maende works 4reru as a dere ni ukweli alinicon after kulala nami ojwang owino na una wife shame on u he hails from port victoria fb amepotea amulikwe waa


  8. I just wonder how we even have a police force when reading all the complaints. Kazi ni kukimbia kupanga laini time ya election then the next month the government you want to protect you inakucheka. I hate the police, i had given a friend of mine my laptop for repair but alienda akiendanga. Went to the police to report, nikazungushwa hadi nkasema acha tu ikae. This shooting of robbers that we here on the telly ni to just show that the police still exist but for you to actually understand the rot in those places, go and report ndo utajua serikali si yako. I am sorry for all those who have been conned. Lets just be our brothers keepers and these deals dont just come ivo tu. Currently there is this thing of Public likes if any of you ameskia. I am waiting for people to get sunk because they think that getting rich ni ukiwa ndani ya blanketi. Anyway enough of my frustrations online, i would love everyone to know such things happen and they are out there to get them. One needs not look for them, hua zinajileta tu.


  9. Samuel Castro – ‭0728 866 633‬
    Carol Wawere -‭ 0728 568 033‬
    Angeline Njoki – ‭0708 683 012‬

    These three con people that they will bring them cars from the UK then on delivery date everything changes. I have all the information to prove this and their photos and contacts as names above.

    Contact me for all these, because I want them exposed cause people need to be aware of them.


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